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Life is about using the whole box of crayons.” - RuPaul

With spring coming about to come into full bloom, I’m feeling that seasonal itch to shake things up at home. The desire to toss out the old and bring in with the new is running rampant these days. And while my heart says, “Go for it!” my budget savvy side says otherwise. What’s a girl to do?

The solution: start small and paint by number. My adventure began when I started shopped around my house for small pieces I could transform with a fresh coat of color. I gave myself a limit of 3 items I could makeover. With limited time and items, I had to choose pieces that would have big visual impact yet wouldn’t do any damage to my wallet. The lucky candidates were a side table, a couple of breakfast stools and the kids’ dresser. Down to the garage they went for a good cleaning and serious sanding. Of course they are all in mid progress right now but I am so jazzed about what this new pop of color is going to do for my house and my mood that I am literally blocking out time on my calendar to make it happen.

Elle Decor published an article about the top color trends for 2017 and I have to say I am loving them! Dusky blues, mineral gray, sunshine yellow…the list goes on and on. But what is unique about this list and holds true for all of them is that they are suggesting colors that are incredibly conducive to real homes, like your and mine. Not to crazy. No neon shades of pink and orange. Real colors that play well with light and make a home feel special. And if you should get in a color rut – go outside. The colors found in nature could not be more perfect.

Changing the color of the existing furniture does mean you have to do a total overhaul on a piece. It could be as simple as painting the draw fronts or top of a dresser. In my case, the legs of the breakfast stools (still in the garage) just need a little punch of red on the lower ¼. The side table drawer front is going from blah brown to nautical navy. And the kiddos dresser – emerald green. It’s all about finding the focal point on the piece and playing it up with yummy colors that make your heart sing.

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