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La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” – Lilly Pulitzer

I confess that I am not typically a pink girl. I tend to gravitate to deep reds, cranberries and shades of merlot. That was until I fell in love. In love with a rich, raspberry pink chaise that begged me to take her home and put her front and center in my living room. She was magnificent in all her vintage glory with her intricately carved arms and legs.  But the rich, rosy raspberry velvet upholstery...let's just say she had me at "hello". 

But alas, it was not meant to be because my home is too small for all goodies I lust after. But since our first hello, I have been slowing layering rose into the rest of my home – patterned rugs, a subtle stripe in the kitchen curtain, vintage tea cups with pink roses on them that now sit on the sill holding herbs. 

Rose is making a serious comeback in a meaningful way. We are seeing blush rose hit the home décor scene as a new neutral that pairs perfectly with linen, other shades of pink and various tones of brown. Because of its soft hue, you can easily pair it with bolder colors like orange and emerald green for the punch of color every room needs to make it feel new again. Or play it soft with creams, light greys and whites for a dreamier feel.  Martha Stewart took this lovely shade to a whole new level when she bathed her guest house in multiple tones of rose and blush. At first glance you might think it’s too much. But look closer and you can see the magic of rose creating rooms that feel completely surreal.

Mid-range rose mixes well with other similar hue values of blue nice neutrals like cream and white. The key here is to get the right hue balance so as to not over power the room. You have to let each color sing yet give the eyes a place to rest. Play with patterned fabrics that have rose colored threads running through them to help tie the room together. Keep is clean and go with a solid rose by spraying paint three bland, kitchen stools in different shades of rose. Viola - instant centerpieces! Add a few rose glass pieces on a window sill and let the sunshine spread the warm hue around the room.

Now if you are feeling bold, consider my chaise love story. Rich raspberry pink adds an immediate air of drama to any room. Depending up on the scale of the furniture or the size of the wall you are painting rose, pink is going to be the dominant color and make the space feel cozy.  As a comforting counterbalance to the saturated color, the other furniture and fabrics should be milky creams and pale greys.

Not ready to make the commitment but want a pop of rose?  Throw in an accent pillow, maybe a new rug with some lovely shade of deep rose sprinkled in. Snag some pink dish towels for the kitchen. The key is to just go for it! Be creative by sprinkling in a range of rose tones in every room in the house. Life is meant to be lived beautifully and the right shade of rose will help get you there.