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White Wash

White Wash

You really have no clue how beautiful you are. Do you?” – The Butterfly Effect

If you are like me you have an odd amount of items in your home that you hang on to for sentimental reasons - be it a frame, a side table or chair. The rational side of you knows you could just as easily donate them and clear out some clutter. But the visionary side of you knows these pieces could be fabulous with just few fixes.

White washing is an easy and simple way to give loved items a new lease on life. This technique dates back centuries and really shines on projects that feature carved details, turned legs, and interesting grains. The finish helps bring out details you may not see at first glance. To make it even more appealing, you can white wash just about any piece of wood furniture, new and unstained, or a painted flea market find.

If you are new to the technique, start small and build up your confidence. Frames, woodwork on chairs and dressers are the greatest jumping off point. Barb Blair of Design Sponge shows you how to get started with a dining room table. Her table is a cute a button and totally practical. But why designate it to just furniture? I recently came across a fabulous blog post from Rachel of Maison de Pax who took white washing to a whole new level. She tackled her attic and took it from drab to fab with a little paint, water and a killer technique. The results are spectacular and beautiful. And if a whole room is not really your thing –fear not! She also has some inspiration on white washed accent walls using reclaimed lumber. Brilliant!

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