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Donate Your Furniture

Donate Your Furniture


We would like to believe what we do at VNTG Home is as close to heavenly as angels getting their wings, but that might be a stretch. But what is true is that when you donate once loved furnishings, art, decor and lighting to a VNTG Home nonprofit partner you help us build stronger communities. When a lucky customer buys your items, we take a portion of the sale and share it with our nonprofit partners who critically need funding. We do the work so our nonprofit partners can do more good.

Here's how it works:

  1. When you donate your furniture, you receive a professional appraisal and estimated tax deduction.
  2. Then, you choose a VNTG Home nonprofit partner in your community who will receive a portion of the proceeds.
  3. Your furniture is staged in our 25,000+ square-foot showroom and on our digital marketplace.
  4. Our VNTG Home team works hard in the store and online for the nonprofit to sell your furniture.
  5. Your furnishings sell, find new homes and you support your community (that’s the best part).

Because we make donations effortless and...

  • FREE for you and our nonprofit partners.
  • FREE white-glove pick-up service.
  • FREE Accountant- and attorney-ready documentation, accessible 24/7 via our customer portal.
  • Our nonprofit partners benefit from our robust marketing at no cost to them.
  • The nonprofit organization you choose to donate your merchandise to can access and track all contracts and selling progress of your items, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the customer portal.
  • Our nonprofit partners will never wait for their money. Funds are sent within only two business days and email notifications alert them to sales made in their organization’s name.

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