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Nonprofit Partnership

Nonprofit Partnership


At VNTG Home we think doing good and doing the right thing go hand-in-hand.

Driven by our inspiration (and slight madness) to delight dwellers, home decor enthusiasts and designers with affordable high-quality furniture, we created a furnishing and design marketplace that gives our customers the freedom to afford luxury, express their creativity and live beautifully.

Our fearless founder, Megan, took it a step further. Her vision was not only to create a revolutionary new retail experience but have that same business support social and environmental sustainability. It meant doing the right thing would come above everything else. Because of Megan’s passion and vision for saving beautiful things and building communities, we give a portion of donated item sales to local, philanthropic organizations. These funds help dedicated individuals and teams keep doing incredible work.

Drop us a line and we’ll take care of it. And we don’t want you to worry about how to get it to us because pick up for all donated furniture is FREE!

Are you a nonprofit organization looking to stabilize your revenue? Yet another reason we created VNTG Home. We work closely with your donors by connecting their once loved items to those who want distinctive and unique furnishings. Think of VNTG Home as a turnkey solution to increasing donations to your organization on more frequent basis.

Benefits of donating and partnering with VNTG Home, we need you out there doing more good things for the community and we don’t want you to lift a finger. That’s why we do the all of the work, providing a significant marketing spend, and giving additional exposure to your organization via our national digital platform and procurement outreach.

It’s easy, fast and FREE

  • VNTG Home offers a turnkey solution to increasing donations to your organization on more frequent basis. It’s FREE and easy to get started. Think of this as is a new way to fundraise.

White-Glove pick up

  • Donors receive free white-glove pick up service - leave the heavy lifting to us.
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