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Real Estate Staging

Real Estate Staging

Real Estate Staging

Leave the first impression (and work) to us.

At VNTG Home, we understand how to celebrate the best-selling features of your home to inspire and engage younger buyers with artful placement of furnishings and accessories.  

Our professional interior design team has access to VNTG Home’s thousands of pieces of furniture, art and home décor, creating the perfect furnishings solution for your home.  Plus, delivering the best economic outcome to you.

At VNTG Home we create experiences that are turn key, creating the environment in your home that that both wins the heart and the wallet of the home buyer. We know the goal is to sell your house quickly and for top dollar. Consider utilizing our VNTG Home restoration service to freshen your home too. We provide interior design expertise in both choosing and providing installation services for paint, carpet, general repair and remodeling.

We guarantee you will get a great return on your investment. The best way to gauge the cost of a VNTG Home staging service is by the square foot of your home. Our services usually cost only 75 cents to 1 per square foot. Each house is different, so a FREE consultation is recommended. Our services include a FREE professional photography package.

Our contract is for a 3 month time period and can renewed at a discounted rate for a second 3 month term. We also offer month to month staging options after the first 3 month term has expired.

Review the terms and conditions of our staging service.

Contact us to schedule a staging consultation.  

Our talented designers know how to create interiors that resonate with buyers, long after the initial showing.  Let us help your first home impression be a lasting one. We know that with a fresh look, your home will sell quickly and for the highest value.