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Upholstery services that help you create the best seat in the house.

A New Kind of Upholstery Services Looking for high style with no pretense? You’ve come to the right place. Affordable upholstery services are just a few clicks away. VNTG Home has built an online platform that allows you to access and order designer upholstery services from your smartphone or tablet, laptop or desktop. Of course, we continue to do business the old-fashioned way, too: face-to-face in our 65,000 square foot Marketplace and Design Center inat 1235 Marquette Street, Cleveland Ohio. There you’ll find more than 700 designer fabrics to choose from, many imported from France. Our professional upcycling experts will help you create the furniture of your dreams simply and affordably.

Whether you’re on the go or want to get creative with our upcycling experts for upholstery services, VNTG Home has the custom design solution for you. We cater to interior designers (10% off to the trade) and home décor enthusiasts who can’t resist recovering, recoloring, restoring and re-loving their vintage treasures.

Upholstery Services: With Your Furniture or OursVNTG Home also offers upholstery services whether you buy furniture from us or bring your own. We provide pick-up and delivery services so getting Mom’s midcentury modern couch reupholstered can be a breeze. VNTG Home is the perfect, one-stop solution for all your custom interior design and upholstery services needs.


Comodo Rouge
Copacabana Allover Multico
Crocodile Argent
Crocodile Chocolat
Crocodile Noir
Cuir Ardoise
Cuir Beton
Cuir Ebene
Dakar Allover Azur
Dakar Allover Rouge
Dakota Allover Losange Multico
Dory Allover Azur
Dory Allover Gris
Dory Allover Rouge
Encre Allover Bleu
Fashion Patch Noir Multico
Floride Allover Or
Floride Allover Rose
Garance Allover Perle
Gillonnay Acier Noir
Gipsy Rayure Bayadere Bleu
Gipsy Rayure Bayadere Vert
Guyane Allover Canard
Guyane Allover Gold
Guyane Allover Green
Halo Allover Bleu
Halo Allover Taupe
Hypnose Allover Celadon
Terrain Coconut
Terrain Feather
Comodo Rouge

  • Width:140
  • Collection:Comodo
  • Color:Red
  • Composition:83% PVC 2% PU 15% PE
  • End Use:Upholstery, furnishings, cushions, pillows
  • Price Band:2